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Chengdu History

2300 years ago, Kaiming Ⅸ, the King of Ancient Shu, moved his capital city to this region and named the city Chengdu. The city name continues to be used until today. Because of its special location,Chengdu had been an important political and military city in history. Since the late West Han dynasty, there had been 7 local separatist regimes here at least. Among them, Shu Kingdom established by Liubei was the most well known one.

The ancient Chengdu had gained several reputations during the development. In Warring State Period, Libing built Dujiang Dam which brought prosperity to this region; hence, Chengdu gains the reputation of “The Land of Abundance.” In East Han dynasty, the brocade industry was prosperous here and the government established Jinguan to manage the brocade industry, thus the city was called Jinguan City. Later, the Emperor in Posterior Shu planted lotus on city walls, which gained the city another name Lotus City (Rong City)

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