Wuhou Shrine

Wuhou Shrine: General Introduction

Wuhou Shrine was built in West Jin period(265~316) in the honor of Zhuge Liang, the famous military, political strategist, and Prime Minister of the Shu Han State in the Three Kingdoms period (221 - 589). It is also the most influential museum of Three-kingdom relics in China. The Shrine highlights Zhuge Liang Memorial Temple and the Hall of Liu Bei, along with statues of other historical figures in Shu Han, and cultural relics like stone inscriptions, tablets, and couplets at all times. The Hui Mausoleum of Liu Bei, founder of Shu Han State, however, represents a unique pattern of the enshrinement of both the king and his subjects in the same temple, which is quite rare in China.

Wuhou Shrine Travel Tips:

Admission Fee: CNY 28

Opening Hours: 07:30-21:00 in summer; 08:00-18:30 in winter

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