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Article from Sichuan Municipal Commission of Tourism

Located in Ya'an, Sichuan, at the southwest of Sichuan Basin, Mengding Mountain stands in the mountains northwest from the county seat which is 100 Kilometers from Chengdu. The Mengding Mountain Scenic Region mainly consists of Mengshan Mountain and Baizhang Lake.

The Mengding Mountain is one of the first batch of provincial scenic spots in Sichuan province. Along with Mount Emei and Mount Qingcheng, it is one of the three famous mountains in Sichuan; it is beautiful, attractive and time-honored.

Tiangai Temple 
Tiangai Temple was first built in the Han Dynasty and then rebuilt in the Song Dynasty at the top of Mengding Mountain. It covers 8,000 square meters, surrounded by numerous hills and 12 thousand-year-old ancient ginkgo trees which is planted by Wu Lizhen before more than two thousand years ago. In the middle of Tiangai Temple is a grand hall where Wu Lizhen was standing in, with pictures and illustrations of Mengshan tea's history, which is built from stone pillars in the Ming Dynasty.

Imperial Tea Garden
It is located in the center of the Five Peaks, like sitting in the heart of a lotus, so Wu Lizhen planted the seven holy tea trees there. Tribute tea has been selected from there since the Tang Dynasty. It was officially named "the Imperial Tea Garden" by Chunxi in 1186.

Tea History Museum 
It is at the trailhead of the Celestial Ladder. The literature, poems, specimens and tea wares of Mengding tea are all displayed in the museum. A stone tablet which recorded the relative content of Mengding tea is the historical evidence of its development. The tea culture could nurture your soul. Tea History Museum is a graceful experience to wander in the museum.

Quick Facts on Mengding Mountain

• Name: Mengding Mountain
• Location: 100 Km Southwest of Chengdu
• Phone: +86-28-86702366 
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: Half a Day
• Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 60 (April to October), CNY 45 (November to March of next year)