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Introducing Jiuzhaigou Valley, Jiuzhaigou Valley Guide, Jiuzhaigou Valley Travel Guide.
Article from Sichuan Municipal Commission of Tourism

Located in Ngawa Tibetan-Qiang Prefecture, Jiuzhai Valley (Nine Villages Valley) is so-named because of the nine Tibetan villages along the valley. Jiuzhaigou Valley is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and is just like a wonderland for visitors, with adarce lakes, waterfalls, and floodland. Jiuzhai Valley has five stunning landscapes: Green Sea, Overlapping Creeks, Colorful Forests, Snow Peaks and Tibetan Villages.

Stretching for 651.34km, Jiuzhai Valley gets its name from the nine Tibetan villages, including Shuzheng Village, Heye Village, Zechawa Village, etc. The annual average temperature is 6-14°C without severe cold in winter and extreme heat in summer. Jiuzhaigou Valley is surrounded by steep mountains, of which ten reaching clouds, are snow peaks all the year round. The amazing water gathers at the river valley and forms a scenic area centered on mountain lakes, waterfalls and travertine beaches unique in China and rear in the World. There are 114 lakes in trapezoidal distribution, 17 waterfalls, 5 travertine beach lands, 47 springs and 11 turbulences with altitude difference of 1,870m, traveling among the forests and valleys between the 12 snow peaks, linking like a Y-shaped string of jade beads and winding for about 60km. The lakes vary from small one of several square meters to the biggest of 7km in length. Jiuzhai Valley, combining primitive beauty, natural beauty and rustic beauty, is of high tour viewing value and scientific value.

Overnight stays in the Jiuzhaigou Valley are not permitted. Even if you have not finished your day trip, you will have to leave the area and stay at one of the many hotels near the entrance. Forward-planning is strongly advised, and booking online or by phone in advance is recommended.

Shuzheng Lakes 
Located in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, Shuzheng Lakes, consisting of 20-30 small or large lakes distributed in a terrace shape with total length of 13.8km, are the gate to the beautiful scenery of Jiuzhai Valley. These lakes, surrounded by dense cypress, pine, fir and other green trees, stretch for several miles with altitude difference of nearly 100m. The lake water crosses the embankment from the upstream, falls into the lower lake and forms the superposed waterfall.

Nuorilang Waterfall 
In Tibetan, Nuorilang means the charming man (tall and upright), so Nuorilang Waterfall means the grand waterfall. The water from Nuorilang Lakes falls from the top as if it were dumped from the Milky Way and the roar reverberates in the valley. The water prevails in the South with pressing chill and drizzly mist. When the sun shines on the water in the morning, the rainbows are often seen hanging over the valley, which add charms to the fascinating waterfall.

Quick Facts on Jiuzhaigou Valley

• Name: Jiuzhaigou Valley
• Location: 400 Km North of Chengdu
• Phone: +86-28-86702366 
• Best Time to Visit: September to November
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Days
• Opening Hours: 07:00-21:00 (May to October), 08:00-18:00 (November to April of nexy year)
• Admission Fee: CNY 220 (April to November), CNY 80 (November to March of next year)