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Chengdu Overview

Chengdu is located on Si Chuan Basin, the east of Cheng Du Campagna, with the average altitude about 500 meters. The city flower is hibiscus and the city tree is gingko.


Chengdu is called the “Land of Abundance”, and it is also the biggest Campagna in the Southwest of China. The city holds 6 urban districts, 4 suburb districts, and 6 towns, which adds up to 12.6 thousand square kilometers, with a population of 10 million.


The weather in Chengdu has the following features: moist, mist and less sunshine. It has early spring, hot summer, cool autumn and warm winter. The highest temperature is no more than 35 , however, the weather is extremely sultry. Although usually it doesn’t snow in Chengdu, the winter is gloomy and cold. Hence, the best traveling time is between March and June or between September and November.


Chengdu tourist site is the core of Sichuan tourist zone. It is the political, economical and cultural center of Sichuanprovince. There are a great number of unique humanistic sights and the natural sceneries.


As one of the famous historical and cultural cites in China, Chengdu in possession of abundant tourist resources. Over 1500 years ago, Zuo Si, a famous poet in Jin Dynasty, praised Chengdu as spectacular and beautiful city. What’s more, the “Poet God” Li Bai and the “Poet Sage” Du Fu both had profoundly eulogized this city. Chengdu is surely a beautiful city with rich cultures and pleasing environment.

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