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Chengdu Culture Park

Introducing Chengdu Culture Park, Chengdu Culture Park Guide, Chengdu Culture Park Travel Guide
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Chengdu Culture Park is located in Qintai Road, Chengdu City, close to the Qingyang Palace. Covering an area of 150 mu, Chengdu Culture Park is built on the former site of Erxian Temple in 1951. The Twelve Bridges Martyrs Tomb in Chengdu Culture Park is to commemorate the 36 martyrs killed by Kuomintang secret agents on the eve of the liberation of Chengdu, it is a provincial heritage preservation park.

Chengdu Culture Park is a comprehensive park which is focus on all kinds of cultural activities. There are various of flowers, pot plants and unique trees in Chengdu Culture Park. The annual lantern and flower festivals are well-known to the world. During these festivals, variety of performance and photograph displays are shown to public.

In the early 1950s, in order to hold the traditional flower festivals well, the municipal government exploit the field near Qingyang Palace and built it into a venue for the display of flowers. In the meantime, the plants and products from different places are sold in this area. When the eighth flower festival ended, this area was established as Qingyang Park. The plantation of flowers and trees is in the Park, and all-round walls, lakes, pavilions are are built. In 1966, with the approval of Chengdu Municipal Government, the park is renamed Chengdu Culture Park.

Quick Facts on Chengdu Culture Park

• Name: Chengdu Culture Park
• Location: 23 Qingtai Road, Qingyang District
• Phone:+86-28-87706026
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
• Opening Hours: 7:00-22:00 
• Admission Fee: Free