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Chengdu Wide And Narrow Alley

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Article from Sichuan Municipal Commission of Tourism

Covering a total length of about 500m, the Wide and Narrow Alley configuration here is typical of traditional housing areas in Chengdu.

This particular area consists of three parallel lanes, one wide, one narrow and one hatch-shaped, along which there are courtyard compounds. The Wide Lane is for leisure whilst the Narrow Lane is for hip living, where there are world-class retailers and fashion outlets. In the Jingxiangzi or hatch-shaped lane, there are attractions for young people, particularly the new bar area of the city.

Wide and Narrow Alley, larger ancient streets of Chengdu built in the Qing Dynasty, are named as three protected streets in Chengdu, the famous cultural and historical city, with Daci Temple and Wenshu Monastery. Wide and Narrow Alley is composed of old-fashioned paralleled streets (Kuanxiangzi Alley, Zhaixiangzi Alley, and Jingxiangzi Alley) and quadrangle courtyards among these streets. Through the renovation in 2008, this area is transformed to composite-type cultural and commercial streets oriented by tourism and relaxation with distinctive regional features and profound Ba-Shu cultures.

Wide (Kuanxiangzi) Alley renovated is playback of life in ancient Chengdu. Walking in the alley, you can experience the life in ancient Chengdu, local conditions and customs and some almost lost folk life scenes in ancient Chengdu. In the quadrangle courtyard, you can drink tea from a covered cup, which also named as "Gaiwancha", and can also taste authentic Sichuan cuisine. Kuanxiangzi Alley arouses a cordial memory of people on ancient Chengdu. The characteristic architectural group, like newly-built dwelling-style boutique hotels, embellishes fashion to alleys with tradition, which is the presentation of "leisure life" of ancient Chengdu.

Narrow (Zhaixiangzi) Alley is a "slow life" area themed by brand business. It is the fashion center with world''s field of vision and shows an internationalized business state and the life style of Chengdu. In the alley, you can enjoy the slowly post meridiem time and the suspension of time. Zhaixiangzi Alley is the presentation of "slow life" of ancient Chengdu.
Jingxiangzi Alley is a "new life" area themed by fashion and youth. It is the bar area in the new life area of Chengdu. It is the busiest place at night of Chengdu, the presentation of style in Chengdu, as well as a beautiful tourist area. Jingxiangzi Alley is the presentation of "new life" of ancient Chengdu.

Quick Facts on Wide and Narrow Alley

• Name: Wide and Narrow Alley
• Location: Downtown Chengdu
• Phone: +86-28-86702366 
• Dates: Qing Dynasty (1636-1912)
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 5 Hours
• Opening Hours: All Day
• Admission Fee: Free