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Jinli Promenade

Jinli Promenade: General Introduction

Right next to the Wuhou Shrine is Jinli Promenade, a rebuilt trading and folk art street imitating the ancient-style buildings in West Sichuan. “Jinli” is the name of an old street in Han-dynasty Chengdu, meaning “make perfection still more perfect and hide the universe in the universe”. The ancient Jinli was one of the oldest and the most commercialized streets in the history of West Shu and had been well-known throughout the country in Qin, Han, and Three Kingdoms Periods.

With Qin, Han, and Three-kingdom cultures as its soul, the social style of Ming and Qing dynasties as its appearance, the West Sichuan folkways and customs as its body, the new Jinli Promenade, supported by Wuhou Shrine, has condensed the essence out of the worldly life in Chengdu: teahouses, inns, restaurants, bars, theatrical stages, handicrafts, local snacks and specialties.

Jinli Promenade Travel Tips:

It is wonderful to go to Jinli Promenade at night. The small food restaurants along the street will sell authentic local snacks. Some stores will sell local specialties and souvenirs. The price may be a little higher, but visitors can still buy satisfactory commodities after bargaining with the vendors.

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