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Harbin Transportation

Harbin Taiping International Airport is an important international airport in Northeast Asia. There are 58 airlines linkingHarbin to large–scale domestic cities and many foreign countries. Harbin Railway Station was firstly established in 1889.Harbin railway station is one of the biggest railway stations in China. It is located in the downtown area of Harbin and is also an important transportation pivot in Northeast China. There are 7377.9 km highways around the city, including 6 country grade highways (838.9km), 8 provincial grade highways (842kn), 41 county grade roads (1782km), 164 rural area roads(2614.6km) and special highways (1300km). The highway cover rate is 13.87 km per hundred square kilometers.

Getting to Harbin by Air

Formerly known as Yanjiagang Airport, Harbin Taiping International Airport is located about 33km (21 miles) away from Harbin and was constructed in 1979 with further expansion between 1994 and 1997. In 1984 Harbin airport was upgraded to an international airport status.

Getting to Harbin by Train

Harbin railway station is one of the biggest railway stations in China. It is located in the downtown area of Harbin and is also an important transportation pivot in Northeast China. Built in Oct 1899, Harbin Railway was one of earliest railway stations built by Russians.

Getting around Harbin by City Bus

Harbin is a key transportation pivot in Northeast China, thus the highway system here is well developed. There are four national highways radiating from Harbin to other regions in China.

Getting around Harbin by Taxi

The taxis in Harbin mainly have three car types: Charade, Jetta and Cherry. The starting fare of Charade is 7 yuan for 3 km, and then 1.6 yuan per kilometer.


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