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Sun Island

Lying on north bank of Harbin Songhua River, the Sun Island is elegant, and well-known with a melodious song of On the Sun Island. The center of the Sun Island is at a water pavilion. About 1,515 square meters, the highlights include a long corridor, a link corridor and a square pavilion built with modern methods of garden making. In the two-storied square pavilion 54 black marble pillars are built.

The scenery in the Sun Island is composed of artificial lakes and artificial hills. There are 5 inter-linked lakes around the Sun Lake. On the lake are Sister Bridge, Pavilion Bridge, and White Jade Bridge. The elegant willows, the picturesque pavilions and bridges as well as their reflections in the water have constituted most beautiful scenery. There is a three-layer waterfall built in the Sun Hill. The crystal clear water curtain hangs down and its sound can be heard from afar. This scenery is the Clear Spring and Flying Waterfall.

The ice and snow culture of the Sun Island is fascinating. The well-known Harbin snow carving art expo and the competition of ice carving among the masters are held in the Sun Island every year.

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