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Central Avenue

Starting to be built in 1898 and initially called China Street, it was renamed as the Central Avenue and later developed into the most prosperous commercial street in the city. Starting from the Memorial Tower of Fighting against the Floods of Songhua River to the north and extending to the Jingwei Street to the south, it is 1,450 meters long, 21.34 meters wide, of which 10.8 meters are paved with square stones and were once used by vehicles. There are 71 European style bulidings as well as 13 buildings of Renaissance, Baroque, eclecticism and modern style under protection. This street has incorporated the four most influential styles of western architecture, reflecting the glamorous history of cultural development of nearly 300 years in Europe.

In 1986, the municipal government of Harbin decided to turn the Central Avenue into a street under protection. In August 1996, the government made a decision to renovate it into a pedestrian street. Being 860 meters long, the street has 6 recreational areas, which are beautiful and well arranged. With its unique European style buildings, numerous shops, beautiful recreational area and colorful cultural life, the Central Avenue has become an important scenic spot in Harbin.

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