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Harbin Shopping

Harbin is one of the largest commercial cities in Northeast China, local products can be divided into two main categories:Russia food and accessories, Northeast specialty. You can get Russian bread, Russian chocolate, candy, as well as Russian necklace which are relatively cheap in Harbin. In addition, you may also buy tea, paintings and decorations fromRussia and Eastern European countries. Ginseng, pilose antler and mink skin are named the Three Treasures of Northeast China. You can easily find  those things in shops of Harbin. The vacuum-packed Harbin sausage, smoked salmon are also well worth buying. In addition, the Northeast black fungus, mushrooms, dried fruits are available at local food market, supermarkets and large shopping malls.

Central Avenue Pedestrian Street

Harbin, a famous city in the North of China, was identified as a national-level historical and cultural city in 1994. Central Avenue Pedestrian Street is a notable representative and prominent sign of Harbin. Since June 1st, 1997, being constructed as the first commercial and pedestrian street in China, the Central Avenue Pedestrian Street has become the first-class street in China and renowned overseas at the moment, and it has become a unique cultural charm pedestrian Street, including commercial, tourism, leisure and entertainment. All of that adds a hint of a new charm to Harbin, known as the Oriental Small Paris and the Oriental Moscow.



Central Avenue Pedestrian Street is 1, 450 meters long and 21.34 meters wide (the width of quadrel road is 10.8 meters). All the blocks of Central Avenue Pedestrian Street cover 94.05 hectares (about one square kilometer), east from Friendship Road  to the construction red line of the west side of Jing Wei Street, west from Friendship Road of Tong jiang Street to the construction red line of the east side of Jing Wei Street, south from ShangZhi Street to the construction red line of the north side of Tong Jiang Street, north from ShangZhi Street to the construction red line of the south side of Tong Jiang Street and the plaza of the Flood Control Monument Square.


Around the blocks, there are 17 leisure areas, 18 car parks, 152 Continental classical lamps, 14 turfs (about 2600 square meters), 5 Pieces of sculptures and 3 fountains in total. And there is a monitoring center and 30 cameras were set up for uninterrupted monitoring the whole blocks for 24 hours non-stop to ensure that all types of emergent events can be timely and effective coped with.


Local Specialties of Harbin

Harbin is the largest commercial city in Northeast China. The specialties can be divided into two kinds: the Russian style specialties and local specialties. The Russian style specialties include food and ornaments, such as Dalieba bread, Russian chocolate and violet gold necklace. Those souvenirs are cheap and easy to carry. As to the local specialties, the three treasures in Northeast China may be the first things that rush into your mind. The three treasures in Northeast China refer to ginseng, pilose antler and marten. Visitors should pay special attention in case of being cheated. Besides, Harbin sausage and Smoked Salmon are also nice souvenirs.


Department Stores & Super Markets

Harbin has many shopping stores, such as Churin Company, Harbin Department Store, Jiangnanchun Shopping Mall, Hate Plaza, Manhattan Shopping Mall, New World Department Store and Songlei International Shopping Mall etc. Besides, the city also has a lot of large scale whole sale markets, including Jianshenjie Shoe City, HaxiDressing City and Dafa Wholesale Market. What’s more, there are lots of shopping streets in Harbin, such as Central Avenue Pedestrian Street, Jinjie Underground Commercial Street and Renhe Underground Street.


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