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Shanghai History

According to historical records, Shanghai was the habitat for human being 6000 years ago.

Since Han dynasty, the connection between Shanghai and the central plain area was enhanced. Later in Tang and Song dynasty, with the development of Jiangnan area, the economy in Shanghai developed fast. In 751 AD, Huating County was set up. Huatinghai, on the northeast of Huating County, was the location of current urban district of Shanghai.

In Song dynasty, Shanghai Town was established. Thanks to the frequent commercial activities, Shanghai became a prosperous trade port.

Then in Yuan dynasty, Shanghai Town was the first important town in Huanting County; hence, the government separated five towns from Huating County and renamed them as Shanghai County.

After the cancellation of the ban on maritime trade in Qing dynasty, Shanghai was unprecedentedly developed. At that time, Shanghai opened both domestic and international routes.

In 1840, the Opium War broke out and the British army invaded and occupied Shanghai, Nanjing and so on. Then Shanghai became one of the earliest foreign trading ports. From 1920s to 1930s, the modern industry took shape in Shanghai. After years of development, Shanghai gradually became an important base of the modern industry in China.

In Anti-Japanese War Period, Shanghai was occupied by Japan and was forced to be an isolated island. Due to the brutal plunder of the army, Shanghai had been destroyed heavily.

In 1949, Shanghai was liberated and recovered day by day. Nowadays, Shanghai is one of the most prosperous cities in China and also a national excellent tourist city. The charming Shanghai is ready to welcome friends all over the world!

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