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Shanghai Fuxing Park
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Article from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Tourism
Edited by Sharleen
Shanghai Fuxing Park is located in the former French Concession of Shanghai, China, in Luwan District near Nanchang Road. It was once the largest park in Shanghai. Shanghai Fuxing Park was laid out by the French in 1909 which is designed in the French style, with a lake, fountains, covered pavilions, and flowerbeds. Early morning, the Shanghai Fuxing Park fills with dancers, card players, mahjong enthusiasts, and tai chi solo and group artists. According to Time magazine's Hannah Beech, it is one of the must-see sights in Shanghai.
Shanghai Fuxing Park was originally named Gu's Park, but during the French occupation it became a military encampment. After the French, the Japanese renamed the park "Daxing Park." Finally, in the mid 20th century, the Chinese regained control of the park land and dubbed it "Fuxing Park."
Shanghai Fuxing Park is one of the city's oldest and was originally the private garden of the Gu family residence. Shanghai Fuxing Park is Shanghai's only French style garden and has a very clear and structured layout. A large number of plants have been added in recent years taking the total to over 10,000 with 140 different species. The majority of which are sycamore trees which make up the largest collection of any park in Shanghai. In Shanghai Fuxing Park, there are also plenty of rarer trees such as Chinese horse chestnut, linden, and liquidambar. The statues of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the north of the park were added on August 5, 1985 for the 90th anniversary of Engels' passing. The statues are 6.4 meters high and weigh over 70 tons each.
Quick Facts on Shanghai Fuxing Park
• Name: Shanghai Fuxing Park
• Location: No.2 Gaolan Road, Luwan district 
• Phone: +86-21-53861069 
• Dates: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
• Best Time to Visit: May to October
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
• Opening Hours: 6:00-20:00
• Admission Fee: CNY 2
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