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Huangpu River Cruice

Huangpu River Cruise is a traditional tourist item in Shanghai. Here, one can find the expression of Shanghai’s past, present and prospects for a brilliant future. The cruise begins at the Bund towards south against the current up to the Nanpu Bridge and turns back towards the north, passing the Yangpu Bridge to reach Wusong Mouth and then back to the Bund. During the cruise, one can see both the Nanpu Bridge and the Yangpu Bridge and the 468-m tall Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the first in Asia and the third in the world. The two bridges are like two dragons sprawling on the Huagpu River while the Oriental Pearl TV Tower between in like “two dragons playing with a pearl”. On the west bank of the river, rows of magnificent tall buildings of different foreign architectural styles are in contrast with the modern high-risers on the east bank, presenting an attractive view to visitors. The Huangpu River and Yangtze River meet at Wusong Mouth, where the Yangtze River empties into the sea. Here, three streams of water from the Huangpu, Yangtze River and the EastSea converge. At rising tide, one can see the famous strange sight of the “three-layer water”, water form the Huangpu passing through the city is bluish grey, water from Yangtze River washing down mud and sand is yellow and that in the East Sea is green. Three streams with different colors are very distinct, forming the “three layer water”.

Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Tips

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