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American Muslim Group Praying at Xian Great Mosque

American Muslim Group Visiting Mosques in Linxia, Gangsu Province

American Muslims Praying with Chinese Muslims at Xian Great Mosque

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 2

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 3

IMANA Group Cruising the Li River in Guilin

IMANA Group Visiting the Garden of the Master of Nets in Suzhou

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Client Information

Name: Sarina   Nationality: Singapore

Itinerary: Tailor Made Great Wall & Fragrant Hill Tour

Time of Traveling: Oct 19, 2014

Salaam Hanna,
I just arrived back in Singapore this morning. I have actually filled in the form and given it to Tina, the guide at the end of the tour. You might want to ask her for the survey.
I also gave $450 to Tina for the driver and guide fees. It would be good in future if you could provide a receipt.
Overall, I enjoyed the experience. Tina was very good and took very good care of me. It was a bit too early for everyone but we managed to get some sleep in-between journey and Mr Tian the driver also managed to get some sleep when waiting for us on our tour.
Mr Tian was also very good driver as he knew a lot of the back road and avoided a lot of traffic and we had a smooth journey throughout. There was some traffic jam on highway on the return to Beijing from Mutianyu but Mr Tian managed to find alternative routes and we got back by 5.30 pm. Delayed by 30 minutes but it was okay because it could have been worse with the jam. I would use Mr Tian again, his driving was good and he is on time and schedule.
The air quality was not good on the day and so visibility was not good but I still enjoyed myself. We started with the mosque. Unfortunately, the ladies section had no lights and I had to pray in the men's area. We left soon after 5.30 am and headed for Fragrant Hill. We got to Fragrant Hill by 6.20 am. There was no traffic jam. It was good advice to go to Fragrant Hill first because by the time we finished and drove down, the traffic was bad going up the hill. We climbed up half way to the peak at Fragrant Hill, it was a good exercise and Tina was good in helping me with the climb and we saw the "sunrise".
We got to Aman Summer Palace early i.e. before 9.00 am and had breakfast together with Mr Tian. I think both Tina and Mr Tian enjoyed the new experience eating at Aman. There was a western waiter who helped to take my breakfast order to ensure that the food is prepared in a halal way. We explored the Amanresort after breakfast to see what the property is like.
We left Aman at about 10.00 am and drove to Yanqihu. Mr Tian drove past the Olympic village and saw the Bird's Nest stadium. We arrived at Yanqihu around 11.00 am and spend about an hour there. The drive was easy and no traffic. When we got to the Yanqihu Park, we were told that the Kempinski Hotel was off-limits because of the upcoming Apec Summit and it is closed for security reasons. Yanqihu Park has been done up very nicely for the Apec. I took a 3 minute speedboat ride to see a closer look of the hotel from the lake. There were not many tourists there and I would recommend that this be a destination that you offer to your customers in future because it is a very nice lake and after Apec and if the weather is clear, the hotel and the dome looks very impressive from the lake and hopefully visitors can stay and go to the hotel next time. I did my prayers at the park which was very pleasant and nice to pray.
From Yanqihu we decided to find a place nearby for lunch and saw a shop/residential area called Spring Legend Alpine Village.....and stopped there for lunch. There was no halal restaurant and the guide and driver had lunch at a nearby restaurant and I waited in the car. I brought some sandwiches and snack to eat. I also had a heavy breakfast at Aman, so was still quite full for lunch.
By 1.00 pm we headed for Mutianyu. The drive was less than an hour from the Yanqihu area and no traffic. We reached there before 2.00 pm and the timing was perfect because there were not many tourists queuing and we were able to get tickets and take the shuttle without having to wait. We took the cable car up to Great Wall - spend about 30 minutes up there and came down. By the time we finished, it was around 3.00 pm and we head back to Beijing city center. 
Everything was on schedule and went according to plan. 
I hope to return to China again and maybe do other trips within China. I am particularly interested in visiting Urumqi as I don't believe many tourists go there. Maybe next autumn when the autumn colors are nice. There was not much autumn colors at Fragrant Hill but Great Wall had more colors.  
Thank you for helping to arrange and I would certainly want Tina and Mr Tian if I tour Beijing again. They make my journey very comfortable.
Best regards,

Client Information

Name: Prof Dr Adlina Suleiman  Nationality: Malaysia  Itinerary: Shanghai Suzhou & Hangzhou Tours

Destinations: Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou

Time of Traveling: Apr 12 to Apr 14, 2014


Dear Brother Johan,

The tour guide Promise was very helpful and knowledgeable.   There was no problems in communication because there was Dr Thor in my group who speaks Mandarin.   The ICT sales in communicating with me has been excellent.  The driver was friendly and ever willing to accommodate our wanting to stop to go to toilet issues.  The hotel was excellent too.  The restaurants chosen had great food but the rest rooms inside the restaurants was not clean (the level of hygiene was poor which was disappointing because it was in a place where food was being prepared....Alhamdulillah none of us came down with food poisoning).   I would suggest that if a trip takes 3 hours to go there and to get back it is better to suggest to the tourists to spent a night at that place rather than have to rush back.

Thank you for a giving us a meaningful journey.  If all goes well I may decide to go to Beijing in 2015 for the same conference only this time in a different city (provided the issue with MH 370 gets resolved first).

Thank you, Wassalam

Prof Dr Adlina Suleiman

Client Information

Name: Nor Aziah  Nationality: Malaysia  Itinerary: AirAsia Chengdu Muslim Tour 4 Days

Destinations: Chengdu

Time of Traveling: Apr 13 to Apr 16, 2014

Our recent trip to China was a pleasant experience. We went to all the places as planned in our itinerary, and it was enjoyable as the tour guide is friendly and helpful. On our first day of the tour (the next day after our arrival in Chengdu), we were quite uncomfortable with the driver as he was grumpy and he drove impatiently. The tour guide was aware of this and we had a different driver for the second and third day of our tour. The second driver was much better and we were comfortable with him and the way he drive. 
As for the hotel, the room was small but comfortable. Communication with the hotel staff was difficult as none of them can speak English. Furthermore the location of the hotel is far from any convenience store and muslim restaurants.
We have no comment on the meals. We understand Echo, the tour guide, was trying his best to select the best menu for us. The meals was acceptable.
Overall, we are satisfied with your service, from my first communication with Mr. Johan till our departure back to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah everything went smooth.
Thank you for the good service.
Nor Aziah

Client Information

Name: Ahmad Ullah  Nationality: America  Itinerary: Xian Muslim Tour

Destinations: Xian

Time of Traveling: Mar 18 to Mar 21, 2014

Salaam Johan
Our tour guide in Xian was SNOW. She was the best tour guide anyone can have. She spoke perfect English she had a great attitude she was very kind she also helped us with our needs during the trip and she knew her history very well and she was very smart and also very courteous.
I recommend you use her for tour guide for all of your tours from now on she gives your company a very good reputation... 
Ma Salaam
Ahmad Ullah

Client Information

Name: Astiti Suhirman  Nationality: Indonesia  Itinerary: Tailor-made Shanghai Beijing Tour

Destinations: Shanghai & Beijing

Time of Traveling: Mar 30 to Apr 04, 2014

Assalamualikum Johan,
Firstly I'd like to thank you for the service during my trip in China and I might use your service again if I travel to Tibet.   
In my last day, I asked receipt/invoice of my tour to Carol, but she did not have it. Can you please send the soft copy of receipt/invoice of my tour as I need it for office administration.  Looking forward to receiving the receipt/invoice  
Astiti Suhirman