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American Muslim Group Praying at Xian Great Mosque

American Muslim Group Visiting Mosques in Linxia, Gangsu Province

American Muslims Praying with Chinese Muslims at Xian Great Mosque

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 2

IMANA Group at Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian 3

IMANA Group Cruising the Li River in Guilin

IMANA Group Visiting the Garden of the Master of Nets in Suzhou

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Client Information

Name: Nor Suhaila  Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: AirAsia Shenzhen Guangzhou Tour 5-Days

Time of Traveling: Feb 15 to Feb 19, 2018

Dear Hanna,

Here is my feedback

communication with ICT sales person;
It was very easy to communicate with Hanna. All response are replied so fast and acceptable. The services were so good and helping us to do preparation before our trip start

your tour guide;
Ms Jenna is our tour guide. As she spoke english so fluently we can easily communicate and understand what she talk about. She guide us from start until the end of the trip. And she also always explain about the place that we gonna go and check our condition.

the hotel you stay;
For the hotel hospitality it was superb! Spacious and very comfortable to relax and nearby halal stall. We would like more if the breakfast of the hotel have halal foods that we can eat.

your driver;
The driver was OK. As he doesnt know english so we rarely speak with him. But all the driving and time punctuality was excellent.

your meals
The meals is superb, the restaurant was so good and nice! The portion is big but we always finish all the dishes as the dishes was so delicious .

and suggestions.
Breakfast halal at hotel

Thank you so much! We enjoyed our trip so much :)


Client Information

Name: Imran Nationality: Pakistan

Itinerary: Tailor Made Xian Muslim Tour 5 Days

Time of Traveling: Jan 23 to Jan 27, 2018

Assalamoalikum Hanna,

We reached home safely after our wonderful holiday in Xian, China... Thank you so much in large part to you and your company's super organization of our tour.

My personal opinion is:

1. Guide

The guide, Ms.Lulu was very very nice and helpful from the beginning of our first day till the end of our last day to the airport helped us boarding. Ms. Lulu was very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Her local knowledge and flexibility in accommodating our various requests were well appreciated.

2. Hotels and Cruise

The hotel and cruise accommodation was four stars. The hotel was located centrally. Breakfast which was included in the package was excellent.

3. Transportation and Driver

Our interactions with the driver was very nice although my mandarin was very little I can speak because I live in Hong Kong which I can speak Cantonese 100 percent but in China except Guangzhou is Cantonese, other parts of China is spoken mandarin but I love it in anyway. However, the driver were courteous, friendly, helpful, presentable and knowledgeable about the roads and routes.

The vehicles were clean, spacious and comfortable. We managed to fit all our luggages in the car.

4. Food

As for the choice of food was very great when we entered in Muslim street/bazaar which was located next to our Grand Dynasty hotel to the requirement of being halal. After that we told the guides to let us make the selection from the menu with the understanding that if we were to cross the meal allowance, we would pay the difference.

The other option we exercised on some occasions was to accept the cash meal allowance and arrange our own meals.

We were satisfied with the above two options as it gave us flexibility.

Overall, we were highly satisfied with your services. We would certainly use your company again as well as recommend it to others.

Thank you and best regards
Imran Shah


Client Information

Name: Mariam Nationality: Singapore

Itinerary: Tailor Made Harbin & Beijing Muslim Tour 10 Days

Time of Traveling: Jan 6 to Jan 15, 2018

Dear Hanna,

We have safely returned home yesterday.  Thank you so much for your great assistance.  Feedback as follows.

1) Communication with ICT sales person - Ms Hanna has been a delight to work with.  She promptly replied emails/chat messages and a great assistance to all my queries.  I will highly recommend her to anyone who would like to plan a trip with ICT.

2) Tour Guide - Ms Anna in Harbin is a bubbly guide who keeps us entertained.  She is conscientious in her work and ensures our safety and comfort everytime. We had a wonderful time and were very fortunate to have her as our guide. We treasure our memories with her.

3)  Tour Guide - Mr Valon in Beijing is a very experienced and knowledgeable guide.  His stories of ancient China opens a whole new world to us.  Thank you for giving us a competent guide who goes the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction and comfort.

4) Hotel - We stayed at Chengde Harbin Plaza Traders Hotel.  It is a moderate standard hotel. It is clean. Location is not near shopping or tourist spots but its fine for us as we were with tour the whole day.

5) Drivers - for both Harbin and Beijing are very good.  We are very blessed with getting good drivers who drives carefully and constantly reminds us to be careful getting on and off the vehicle.

6) Meals - We did not include meals in our package but are assured that we will be brought to muslim restaurants to buy our own.  All the restaurants are clean and good and not too expensive. We enjoyed trying out different cuisines.

I will gather more feedbacks from my group and certainly communicate again on any suggestions to improve your services.

Thank you once again for arranging a memorable and delightful trip for us. We will certainly contact you again for our next trip to China.



Client Information

Name: Nik Azman Nationality: Malaysia

Itinerary: Tailor Made Shanghai Muslim Tour

Time of Traveling: Dec 25 to Dec 28, 2017


To Hanna & ICT Team. It is a great pleasure for me & my family to give you a feedback for a wonderful service & hospitality that we have received from your team, esp for our tour guide, Mrs Maureen.

Communicating & discussing in arranging the tour was a hassle free & really accommodating to our needs and changes. And your prompt reply to my inquiries & questions were exceptional. The ease of paying at our local bank also really helpful, though if internet banking is possible, it will be much more convenience.

The punctuality of your guide & driver really is appreciated. To have a guide like Mrs Maureen, is really helpful and made the tour more enjoyable & meaningful. She has quite a remarkable knowledge of the places that were visited. And willingly entertained all our questions. The fact that she is a non muslim but was able to accommodate to our muslim need & requirement really impressed us.

Mrs Maureen took an extra effort of accompanied us to our lunch on the last day of tour/transfer to disneyland, though she was not required to. It was to make sure that the driver was able to find us & also to make sure we were taken to a right restaurant. This extra effort of her really goes extra mile.

All the places that were in the itinerary really to our expectation and as to what is Shanghai - to muslim at least. The prices also reasonable for a private group tour.

Overall visiting Shanghai with your help & guide really made thing better. Thank you.

Dr Nik Azman


Client Information

Name: Nathan Nationality: Indonesia

Itinerary: Tailor Made Xian & Shanghai Muslim Tour 8 Days

Time of Traveling: Nov 25 to Dec 2, 2017

Salaam Hanna

Communication with ICT Sales Person:
Very easy and all agreements and deals were tended to promptly and accurately. Salesperson is polite and very clearly understandable via email.
Tour Guide:
The tour guide in Xian was perfect. She was clearly very knowledgeable about the city, its history, food and culture. She was very accommodating, polite, friendly and was willing to tend to our needs.
The tour guide in Shanghai was also very good. Although she lacks a little in terms of experience compared to the guide in Xian, she really does her best and clearly makes an effort to give us the best experience. Overall, both tour guides gave us excellent experience.

Hotel Stay:
Very nice and clean with good heating to battle the cold weather.

Drivers in both cities were very nice and full of smiles. Their driving skills were also very comfortable and we felt very relaxed.

Delicious meals, especially in Shanghai. Xian’s meals were getting a bit repetitive and was very salty for our tongue, but it gave us good insights on the Chinese Muslim way of life, so it was no problem for us. If possible, vary the flavours of Xian restaurants, like in Shanghai.

Islamichina gave us great memories after we left China. Everything was smooth from the start to the end, and we definitely will recommend you to our friends and colleagues if they’ll be visiting China. Thank you very much!


Nathan J. Ramadhan