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Kunming Transportation

Kunming is an important transport hinge in West China and also a country-level port city linking China with the countries in Southeast Asia. Kunming International Airport offers over a hundred lines, including international lines as well as domestic lines. It connectsKunming with most cities in China, including Hongkong, Macao andTaiwan and some countries in Asia. The highway system in Kunming is quite convenient and practical. There are seven long distance passenger stations which offer regular interprovincial buses toSichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi and so on. As to the railway station, it is only 2 kilometers away from the city proper. There are four major lines, namely, Gui-Kun Railway, Cheng-Kun Railway, Nan-Kun Railway and Kun-He Railway. Besides, this station also offers provincial lines to Shilin, Yuxi, and Dali etc.

Getting to Kunming by Air

Kunming Wujiaba International Airport is located on the south of Kunming City. It is 5 kilometers from Kunming City and 3 kilometers away from the Railway Station. At present, this airport has opened 48 airlines, including 2 regional lines to Hong Kong and Macao as well as 8 lines within Yunnan Province.

Getting to Kunming by Train

Kunming Station plays an important role in Yunnan railway transportation net. Gui-Kun, Cheng-Kun, Nan-Kun and Kun-He railway lines link Kunming with other cities in China as well as Hanoi in Vietnam. Due to the complicated landforms in Yunnan area, it will take visitors much more time by taking a train. However, visitors can appreciate the beautiful sights along the road, which can make your journey more interesting.

Getting to Kunming by Long Distance Bus

At present, the road traffic in Kunming is very convenient. The road system links Kunming with cities in and out of Yunnan Province even with Vietnam and Myanmar. There are many passenger stations in Kunming, which have regular destinations. However, the prime stations are Nanyao Passenger Station, Xiyuan Passenger Station and Dongzhan Passenger. They have more regular destinations and better service.

Getting around Kunming by City Bus

There are over 50 bus lines in Kunming City, which cover almost everywhere in the urban area, including the major streets, scenic spots and so on. Most of the buses are automated collection buses and the price is 1 yuan per person. It is a rule that customers should get on from the front door and off from the back door.

Getting around Kunming by Taxi

Taking a taxi is a fast way to travel around Kunming City. The car models include Santana, Jetta and Red Flag etc. Generally speaking, the transportation conditions within Kunming City are not so busy. The roads here are neat and wide. The traffic jam only happens during the rush hour. The complaint telephone number is 0871-3312533.

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