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Kunming History

Kunming is one of the first historical and cultural cities designated by the State Council. The ancestors of Yunan residents had lived a primitive life here tens of thousands of years ago. Later, agriculture and hunting had been developed by the primitive group here. What’s more, the residents even could spin and weave.

In Bronze Age, this place was the habitat of some Diqiang tribes, and among them Sou Tribe was the major group. Diqiang tribes were ancient nomad groups which scattered in Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai,Sichuan and North Yunnan. The local Daitong groups mixed with the Diqiang groups, which advanced the development of Dianchi region.

During the third century BC, General Zhuang from Chu State built alliance with Sou Tribe and established DianKingdom. Thus, the advanced culture and technology in central plain area were introduced into Dianchi region, which played a positive role in the local development.

In West Han dynasty, the region was subordinated to Yizhou County. Then in Jin and Sui dynasties, it belonged to Ningzhou County. During this period, Dianchi region had become a rich place in the Southwest.

Later in the mid Tang dynasty, Nanzhao State was established in Erhai area. Tuodong City was built on the current Kunming region. The city had become the second important political, economic as well as culture center in Nanzhao State.

Then in Song dynasty, Dali State overthrew Nanzhao State and unifiedYunnan. Tuodong City was improved to Shanchan Prefecture, one of the eight prefectures in Dali. The royal families always lived in Shanchan and built various palaces as well as gardens here. In the late period of Dali State, Shanchan County had become a quite prosperous city in Dianzhong region.

It was in Yuan dynasty that Kunming replaced Dali as the political, economic and cultural center in Yunnan.

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