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Guilin Xingping Ancient Town
Introducing Xingping Ancient Town, Xingping Ancient Town Guide, Xingping Ancient Town Travel Guide
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Xingping Ancient Town, situated on the east bank of the Li River, is 25 kilometers away from Yangshuo County of Guilin. It is praised as the most beautiful town alongside the Li River. Surrounded by enthralling mountains, Xingping Ancient Town is a perfect vacation destination of peace and beauty.
The Xingping Ancient Town lies at the foot of the Five Fingers Hill and the Li River to the east. Verities of bizarre hills enhance the charm of the town. Countless stone peaks seem to have sprung from the ground, assuming a thousand different shapes, all fanciful and picturesque, as if vying with each other in their grandeur. Sengni Hill in the east resembles a monk and a nun quarreling with each other while the Carp Hill and Camel Hill look like animals. The names of the surrounding hills indicate the admirable imagination and wisdom of Chinese ancestors.
With a history of over 1,000 years, the Xingping Ancient Town was first established as a town during the Three Kingdoms Periods or even earlier. The town has 24 scenic spots including several natural peaks and a Ming Dynasty building Tengjiao Hut. Many Chinese celebrities left their footprints in the Xingping Ancient Town and spoke highly of the wonderful resort. The former US president Bill Clinton and his wife visited Xingping Fishing Village in 1998; they were deeply attracted by the fascinating scenery and the residences.
The historic relics of the Xingping Ancient Town are mainly located in the Xingping Old Street and Xingping Fishing Village 2 kilometers from town. The wharf of Xingping is on a bend in the circuitous Li River and has amazing views of the surrounding sceneries. So far the town keeps the original architectural style and historical traces well. Ancient trees, bridge, pavilion, opera stage and the whole ancient village complex are still recalling the peaceful dimension and forgotten enjoyment.
Xingping Old Street is a one-kilometer stone street with well-preserved brick ancient buildings on both sides. Shards and ancient tiles can be found everywhere. The outline of the city wall is also clear to see. Guandi Temple was built in the Qing Dynasty and the opera stage of it is of great importance in Chinese traditional opera research.
Fishing Village gained great fame after Mr. Bill Clinton had a stay in the small village and highly praised it. Actually, Sun Yat-sen once came to promote his revolutionary thoughts in this site and was shocked of Tianshui Stockade. The stockade is surrounded by cliffs all around, leaving a narrow path to go through. The strategic and geographic advantage makes Tianshui Stockade a shelter for locals.
Quick Facts on Xingping Ancient Town
• Name: Xingping Ancient Town
• Location: Downtown Guilin
• Phone: +86-773-2800318 
• Best Time to Visit: April to November
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 1 Day
• Opening Hours: All Day
• Admission Fee: Free
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