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Two Rivers Four Lakes
Introducing Two Rivers & Four Lakes, Two Rivers & Four Lakes Guide, Two Rivers & Four Lakes Travel Guide
Article from Guilin Municipal Commission of Tourism, edited by Cathy
It is said that a city without water is a city without vitality. Guilin is richly endowed with water. Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area is a water system located in Guilin's downtown area that should not be missed. Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a peaceful oasis in the middle of bustling Guilin.
Guilin's Two Rivers Four lakes is a park-like scenic area. As the name suggests it consists of two rivers and four lakes. The two rivers are the Li and Taohua (Peach Blossom) Rivers. The three of the four lakes are named after trees that grow along their banks and the fourth is named after a cave located nearby. The four lakes are the Rong (banyan tree) Lake, Shan (Chinese fir) Lake, Gui (Osmanthus tree) Lake, and the Mulong (Wooden dragon) Lake. The Mulonghu Lake is named after the Mulong Cave which overlooks the lake. The cave is located in Guilin's Diecai Hill Park.
The four lakes are surrounded by beautiful ancient trees and flowering plants. There are pavilions, statues, and stone carvings scattered around the area. Guilin's ancient South Gate, part of the ancient city walls is located between Rong and Gui Lakes. The area of Two Rivers Four lakes is very beautiful and quite peaceful. In the middle of Ronghu lake is an island with a teahouse. The island is built in the style of a Chinese garden with rock formations, bridges, and beautiful plants. There is also a marble boat docked next to the island. The centerpiece of the island is a teahouse built in traditional Chinese style architecture. There visitors can sit overlooking the lake while enjoying a cup of China's wonderful tea. To get to the island, visitors must cross a marble zigzag bridge. There are two identical arched marble bridges located next to each other between Rong and Gui Lakes. There are several pavilions located on the banks of Gui Lake.
There is a cruise that travels through the Two Rivers Four Lakes area each evening. The trip is a wonderful experience. As the slow moving boat travels through the area the extraordinary scenery passes by like a moving postcard. There are performances located along the route including local Guilin Opera, dancing fountains, and traditional music. The performances are located in buildings located on the riverbank. These cannot be viewed by people who just walk around the scenic area, but are reserved for people on the cruise.
Even though it is located in the center of downtown Guilin, the Two Rivers Four Lakes Scenic Area is very peaceful. Every evening after dinner local Guilin residents can be seen walking along the meandering paths of the area. Two Rivers Four lakes is a wonderful oasis from the hustle and bustle of downtown.
Quick Facts on Two Rivers & Four Lakes
• Name: Two Rivers & Four Lakes
• Location: Downtown Guilin 
• Best Time to Visit: All Year
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Mulong Lake
• Opening Hours: 08:00 - 21:00
• Admission Fee : CNY 90
Twin Pagodas
• Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:30
• Admission Fee to : CNY 35 
• Cruise for Li Rivers and Four Lakes(daytime): CNY 90
• Cruise for Li River, Taohua River and Four Lakes(night time): CNY 200
• Cruise for Four Lakes listed above(night time): CNY 190
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