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Guilin Maping Mosque

Guilin Maping MosqueGuilin Maping Mosque

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Add: No. 1, Qixing Road, Qixing District, Guilin


Gender Allowed: male & female travelers

Capacity: 200

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  • Guilin Maping Mosque was built in 1671, the 10th year of Emperor Kangxi’s rein, and was completed in the next year. Maping Mosque covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. The original mosque was a typical quadrangle, of which the prayer hall was hip-roof and the lecture hall, dormitory, water house were built. Located by the Lijiang River and beautiful mountains, the sight of the mosque is really appealing.
    When Guilin was occupied by Janpanese in November, 1944, the whole mosque was burned by Japanese army. In 1948, with subsidies from the Post-war Relief Department and money collected by Hui people, the prayer hall, dormitories and water houses were simply renovated. As a result, religious activities were recovered. In 1959, when the Seven Star Park was opened, the mosque was included inside the park. Form 1985 to 1987 the municipal government of Guilin invested money to rebuild it. At present, Maping mosque is well equipped with the prayer hall, dormitories, water houses and the like. The style of architecture is a combination of Chinese style and Arabic style, using modern architect techniques. Grey wall with green tiles and the golden, the grandness and splendidness all make the mosque a must-see spot for travelers. There are about 2000 Muslims in the community of Maping Mosque, all of whom are Hui nationality.

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