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Guilin Ancient Mosque

Guilin Ancient MosqueGuilin Ancient Mosque

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Add: No. 30, Minzu Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin


Gender Allowed: male & female travelers

Capacity: 200

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  • Built in the early years of Yuan Dynasty, Guilin Ancient Mosque is located along the Taohuajiang River in Guilin.
    Guilin Ancient Mosque covers an area of 5669 square meters, while the total building area is 984 square meters. The mosque underwent collapse in wars and was rebuilt in the middle years of Ming Dynasty. From 1661 to 1664, from the rein of Shungzhi to the rein of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, a Muslim commander donated money to buy 6670 square meters of land to expand it which contains three yards, with tower and hall one after another, inside which rare trees flourish and fragrance of flowers fills the air. In front of the main hall is a Baishouzi stele, which always makes passers-by stop to appreciate it, all wondering at its new and skilful work.
    During the Anti-Japanese War, under the leadership of Imam Ma Songting and other people, Chengda Normal School in Beiping was removed to Guilin, recovering its classes in the Ancient Mosque. The number of boarding teachers and students once were about 500. After Guilin was occupied by Japanese in November, 1944, unfortunately, the Ancient Mosque was burned by Japanese.
    After 1945 Muslims in Guilin began to raise funds for the reconstruction of the ancient mosque. Finally in 1947, the prayer hall and some auxiliary houses were built in combined efforts, and Guangxi Arabic Language School was established too. The Ancient Mosque gained great respect and protection of the people’s government during the War of Liberation and was renovated. However, in 1967, it was seriously ruined, resulting in the total disappearance of the grand occasions in the old days. After 1979, under the advocating of the Islam Association of the city, a start-up group responsible for the reconstruction of the mosque was founded and soon they began to raise funds.
    At present, there are about 4500 Muslims living in the community of Guilin Ancient Mousque, all of whom are Hui Nationality.
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