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Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque

Xian Xiaopiyuan MosqueXian Xiaopiyuan Mosque
Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque
Add: Xiaopiyuan, Lianhu District, Xian
Tel: 029-87249138
Capacity: 500
Other Names: the North Mosque
How to Get to Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque
By Bus: Get off bus at Bell Tower Station
By Subway: Line 2, Bell Tower Station

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  • The surviving stone tablets in Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque show that Xiaopiyuan Mosque was also named Zhenjiao Mosque and Wanshou Mosque. Since Xiaopiyuan Mosque is located to the north of the Great Mosque, it is also called the North Mosque by the local Muslims. Historical record shows that Xiaopiyuan Mosque was built in the late Tang Dynasty (618-907); it was one of the four mosques in Xian in 1107. Xiaopiyuan Mosque is one of the earliest Islamic buildings in Xian. 
    Xiaopiyuan Mosque is in traditional Chinese palace architectural style combined with Islamic elements with four courtyards. A female prayer room is arranged in the first courtyard. Imam's room is located in the second courtyard. Lecture rooms for teaching Quran is in the third courtyard. Climbing a few steps on the central axis, it is the platform of the prayer hall with stone archway, stone moon, stone bench, stone hill and other stone carvings.


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