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Shanghai Huxi Mosque

Shanghai Huxi MosqueShanghai Huxi Mosque


The Basic Information
Add: No,3, Changde Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 
Tel: 021-62772076
Gender Allowed: male & female travelers
Capacity: 100
Other Names: Xiaoshadu Mosque
How to Get There 
By Bus: Bus 108, 109
By Subway: 

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  • Shanghai Huxi Mosque is one of the famous mosques in Shanghai City. Huxi Mosque was originally called Yaoshuinong Mosque and located at Xikang Road, and moved to Changde Road in April 1992. In 1914, Moslemss from Hubei, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui provinces lived together in the area near Xikang Road. They rented a small room as the temporary prayer room. In 1921, with the efforts of some local Muslims, they raised money and began the construction of the mosque. The construction was completed in 1922. There were three prayer halls, three wing halls and one wing room. After the repair in 1935, the prayer halls could accommodate 200 people. The mosque was re-opened again for prayers in 1979 after the Culture Revolution when it was closed.  

    In 1990, the construction on a new mosque at Changde Road started, and was completed in April 1992. The new mosque is a two-storied prayer hall with double-heart-shaped arches and fan-shaped vaults. The minaret is over 25 meters high. The main prayer hall has two floors, including the imam's room, and reception rooms, etc. There are fountains both in the front courtyard and the back courtyard. The courtyards are covered by six domes, three of which are decorated with a crescent sign each.
    Shanghai Huxi Mosque is the first mosque that was rebuilt in Shanghai City after the founding of the People's Republic of China.
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