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Kunming Chongde Mosque

Kunming Chongde MosqueKunming Chongde Mosque

The Basic Information

Add: Dongsi Street, Wuhua District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-

Gender Allowed: male & female travelers

Capacity: 500

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    The brand new Chongde Mosque in Kunming was built in 2004. Chongde Mosque belongs to the Jahriya sufi order, and its dome is designed to resemble the traditional six-horned caps the Jahriya sufis wear in China, distinguishing themselves from other non-sufi and non-Jahriya Muslims. 


    The ground and first floor of Chongde Mosque are occupied by shops and offices. These are run by external tenants, and the rental fees go to the mosque managing committee. The praying hall, muslim school and muslim guesthouse occupy the upper floors.


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