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Article from Beijing International Trade in Services Center
Sanlitun Bar Street, a tree-lined neighborhood of foreign diplomatic compounds, is located in the Chaoyang District northwest of the city center.
Sanlitun Bar Street is the liveliest and most compact nightlife district in Beijing. Most of the bars and cafes are situated chockablock on the east side of Sanlitun Road running north from the intersection at Gongrentiyuchang North Road (west of the Third Ring Road East). Here a green sign announces (in English) that you are at the gateway to Sanlitun Bar Street. The sidewalk is strung with bright pennants and table umbrellas. The cafes, bars, and clubs line the street and alleyways for the next 4 blocks, but the farther north you walk, the more likely it is that the bars will be interspersed with small boutiques, art galleries, and rattan furniture shops. Eventually you reach the north end of Sanlitun Road, where the foreign embassies and consulates are located, but there are cafes and bars here, too.
Along the southern shore of the Liangma River, one block west off Sanlitun Road, is Schillers II, a bar and restaurant long popular with foreigners in Beijing and open daily from 5pm to 1am. If you follow the river east, you’ll come to the Third Ring Road area, the location of Beijings own Hard Rock Cafe.
Quick Facts on Sanlitun Bar Street 
Name: Sanlitun Bar Street 
Location: 3Km to Downtown Beijing
Best Time to Visit: All Year
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: All Day
Admission Fee: Free
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