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Beijing Haidian Mosque

Beijing Haidian MosqueBeijing Haidian Mosque

Beijing Haidian Mosque

Add: Zhalan Road, Haidian Town, Haidian District, Beijing 
Tel: 010-62558296  
Gender Allowed: male & female travelers
Capacity: 200
Other Names: 
How to Get to Beijing Haidian Mosque
By Bus: Bus 26, 302, 374, 394, 528 at Dizhengju Station
By Subway: 

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  • Beijing Haidian mosque was originally built in the late years of Ming Dynasty. During the years of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty, it was renovated and extended, gradually forming the present scale.
    Most of the Muslims having religious service in Haidian Mosque are students from Beijing University, Central University of Nationalities, and Beijing Foreign Studies University etc. near around. Occasionally, foreign students studying in Beijing from Arabic countries will also go there. A rather great number of businessmen living in Beijing temporarily also go to have religious service there.

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