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A Thousand & One Night

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Cuisine: Arabic Cuisine
Add: No.4, Hengshan Road, Lingguan Square, Xuhui District

Tel: 021-64731178/64738289
Nearby Mosque:
Payment Accepted: Cash & Credit Card
Hours: 11:00 to 02:00


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    A luxurious restaurant located at the most prestige’s area in city. Although newly opened "1001 Restaurant" is proving to be one of Shanghai’s most popular and highly regarded restaurants. With its delicious Middle Eastern fares, romantic and exotic atmosphere and friendly service our restaurant plans to dish it up for many years.

    Following the steps of the first 1001 Restaurant in Beijing, our restaurant is synonymous with quality dining and the aim is to serve superior food in a pleasant environment at reasonable prices. In other words to make your meal a complete unforgettable experience –from fine dining to fun dining. An attractive presentation of authentic dishes from Middle East,which includes a wide variety of delicious appetizers, sumptuous portion of different grill dishes and drinks to relish. Everything here is not only food but superior. Enjoy our traditional Lebanese pecialties and listen to the sounds of some of the best Arabic songs while relaxing with a nargile, the Arabic water  pipe.Every day enjoy traditional Belly Dancing show. A variety of performers will delight your senses with their esthetic dance and will make sure that dining in our restaurant is an experience in excellence."1001 Restaurant" is a marvelous restaurant palace magnificently reproduced with the authentic Arabic architecture, carvings, tiles, paintings and crafts that resulted from the twelve centuries of development of Arabic art. Décor reminiscent of the old Arabic culture, the origin of the modern civilization. Warm wooden textures, Old Persian hand painted copper lamps and genuine antiques intrigue your senses and make you experience the enchantment and wonder of the Ancient civilization in the world. The subdued lightning from brass and stained glass fixtures casts colored pattern on the ceiling picture a night of Lebanese delight under a twilight sky. The ambience and colorful glow of the rooms is sure to sooth and relax you into a dining experience in like no other in Shanghai. 







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