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Client Information

Name: Sima Safadi  Nationality: Canada

Itinerary: Beijing Muslim Tour 6 Days

Time of Traveling: From April 13 to April 18, 2019

Good morning,

It was only yesterday that we came back home from the holiday. On behalf of myself, my husband and our daughter, I like to confirm that we have spent 6 wonderful days in Beijing, an unforgettable experience indeed that could not have been the same if we did not visit the city via Islamic China!  We were amazed at how much the city and its suburbs were clean, how organised, how modern; I was astonished when I entered to the Museum WOW!!

What I respect is truly the people and their understanding that if every citizen does not take in hand his duties, things will be in a mess. I respect very much the government system that allowed these change sto happen but in an orderly way due to the very high population rate.

Communication with ICT sales person: Hannah, you were more than amazing in your kindness, professionality and adaption tour needs. Even after we arrived and stayed in our hotel, Hannah made sure to check on us and see whether our rooms are suitable and whether we need anything else.

From the minute we arrived to when we were lead into the check-in area on departure day, our guide ’Jason’ was great- a big thank you and well done Jason!

Jason was at all times extremely courteous and dependable, caring and paying attention to every little step we were taking. He was always ahead of the scheduled time, waiting with his large nice smile. He is an excellent and pleasant communicator and he was always running ahead of us to ensure that we enter quickly and smoothly to the visiting area, even making sure we take all the photos we wanted so we keep a great souvenir of our BEIJING visit; all of this with utmost respect and kindness. He made sure to remind us of prayer times (we explained that during travel, we can join noon and asr prayers together, so there was no worry at all for us to complete our religious duties once back to the hotel.

As for our driver, Mr. Hou Xiaobin, what can I say. He is such a respectful and professional person: always on time with a respectful smile, even always ahead of time, courteous, knew how to avoid all the traffic jam with an excellent standard of driving and always picking us up immediately after Jason calls him. Even with the language barrier (we don’t speak Mandarin and his English is limited) he was able to contribute greatly to the success of our visit. The vehicle was super excellent: comfortable and extremely clean.

In summary, we had the honour to leave BEIJING with remarkable new good friends. We wish Mr. Hou and Jason all the best in their careers and personal life.

The hotel to be frank was not great: we had to ask to change our room because there was a huge constant noise of the water pump in the bathroom. The front desk was dealing properly  but not friendly at all and the breakfast  was just good. The hotel needs  quite some renovations, especially in the breakfast and lobby area. I have to say on the other hand that the room and bathroom was always cleaned very well, and with all necessary amenities.

Meals and restaurants: It was our request to eat in Halal restaurants. As I do not eat lamb and fatty food, we asked Jason to change to restaurants where we can eat Chinese but without pork. We had delicious dinner with an excellent service at the restaurants Jason chose for us. There were few days when we have opted to eat on our own, when we went for late hours shopping.

We will not hesitate to pass on your contacts to every relative and friend we know wishing to visit China ( we have already sent you our cousin and his wife).

With our very best wishes of continuous success and prosperity to Islamic China and its team members.

Sima Safadi

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