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Xian Dongxinjie Mosque

Xian Dongxinjie MosqueXian Dongxinjie Mosque

Xian Dongxinjie Mosque

Add: No. 81, Shangde Road, Xincheng District, Xian
Tel: 029-87443280  

Capacity: 600

Other Names: Xian Dongxinjie Mosque


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  • Opened to the public on Sep 24, 2013, Xian Dongxinjie Mosque is the most modern mosque in Xian. The original Dongxinjie Mosque was built on the cross road of Dongxinjie and Jiefang Road in 1930's by Muslims who immigrated to Xian from nearby Henan Province. Due to the real estate development, the mosque was rebuit 100 meters west of the original location on today's address of Shangde Road. The brand new Dongxinjie Mosque is a five floor Islamic style building covering a floor space of 3763 square meters which can accommodate 600 prayers. Xian Dongxinjie Mosque is within walking distance to Softel Xian and Grand Metropark Hotel. 

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