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Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque

Xian Daxuexixiang MosqueXian Daxuexixiang Mosque

Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque
Add: Daxuexixiang, Lianhu District, Xian
Tel: 029-87273920
Capacity: 500
Other Names:  West Great Mosque

How to Get to Xian Daxuexiexiang Mosque
By Bus: Get off bus at Qiaozikou Station
By Subway: Subway Line 2, Bell Tower Station

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  • Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque is also called West Great Mosque by local Muslims because it is located to the west of Xian’s Great Mosque which is located at Huajuexiang behind the Drum Tower.

    According to the existing stone tablets preserved in the mosque, Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque was built in 705 AD, during the Ming Dynasty; Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque was finally named Qing Zhen Si (Mosque in Chinese). As one of the most ancient mosques in Xian, From Yuan Dynasty to the end of Ming Dynasty, the mosque was renovated for several times. Layout of houses, stages, and pavilions inside Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque is very solemn, while the appearance looks ancient and bright. The structure is splendid and compacted, whilst the inside is in great harmony, most of the steles, carvings, and paintings are very unique to Chinese mosques.


    Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque covers an area of 6070 square meters, with all the buildings covering a floor space of 2700 square meters. It’s made up of screen walls, stone memorials, gates, 3-room court, reflection pavilion, south hall, north hall, stele pavilion, water rooms, praying hall and so on. The reflection pavilion was said to be built in Song Dynasty, and was renovated for several times after Zhenghe finished his fourth voyages. The pavilion is a square building: a three-floor and three-double-eaved-roof style. The layout is solemn and graceful, and now after being decorated with colored drawings, plants and so on, it has become one of the main buildings in the mosque. In front of the prayer hall is a wide platform surrounded by a stone handrail, on both the left and right sides of which, two steles are erected. The well known Zhenghe Stele, or the Rebuilding of Qingjing Temple Stele, is erected inside the South Stele Pavilion. On top of the door of the prayer hall is an inscribed board “Pai Yian Tian Fang”, a holograph of Empress Cixi. In the middle at the back of the hall is the kiln hall, on which the Koran was carved in Arabic calligraphy. The prayer hall covers an area of about 600 square meters, which can have 500 people to pray at the same time.


    The layout of Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque is of Chinese and Arabic style, representing the early building style of mosques in China. In 1956, the mosque was listed as a historic and cultural site under state protection of ShaanxiProvince. 


    According to the Zhenghe Stele in the mosque, during the reign of Yongle in Ming Dynasty, the Imam of this mosque was once appointed and employed as the interpreter for the crew of Zhenghe who reached today’s East Africa and made a hajj on his last voyage, making great contribution to the friendship of China and Arab.


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