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Guangzhou Xiaodongying Mosque

Guangzhou Xiaodongying MosqueGuangzhou Xiaodongying Mosque

The Basic Information
Add: No. 1, Xiaodongying, Yuehua Road, Guanghzou
Tel: 020-
Gender Allowed: male & female travelers
Capacity: 300
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  • Guangzhou Xiaodongying Mosque was built during the rein of Emperor Chenghua in Ming Dynasty, when the Muslim soldiers came to be stationed in Guangdong Province. In the twenty second year of Emperor Jiaqqing’s rein and the fifth year of Emperor Tongzhi’s rein in Qing Dynasty, it was renovated.

    With a long history and superior cultural traditions, Koran education has long been held in the mosque, with Guangzhou Muslim Youth Association and Muslim Common Benefit Association founded. Funeral services are also provided.

    Guangzhou Xiaodongying Mosque covers an area of 600 square meters, while the floor area is 462 square meters. The prayer hall which is traditional Chinese palace style covers a floor space of 153 square meters. There are 100 families of Muslims, about 300 people living in its community.

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