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Dalian Shopping
Commercial development of Dalian has increased in recent years. Anyone traveling to the city is encouraged to wander around the skyscraping shopping malls and stores. You will find a sea of world-famous fashion brands.
Dalian has undergone rapid development from the mid 1990s during which time a host of foreign consumer-goods companies have entered China's market. Large scale malls and supermarkets including MYCALL (Japan), Parkson (Malaysia), Carrefour (France), Wal Mart (U.S.) have been built. The time-honored Friendship Stores (a famous department store brand in China's planned economy period) have established many new shopping centers and stores throughout the city. Therefore, you will find numerous shopping choices in the city.
What to Buy
Dalian is known as Fashion City where the annual Dalian International Fashion festival is held. If you are lucky to travel to the city around September, you will find this festival venue a paradise to buy the most fashionable clothes from all over the world.
Also, many department stores and malls in the city are good places to find what you are looking for.
Bordering the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea that foster the growth of an array of sea life, Dalian exports much of its seafood to different countries and regions in the world. Locals consider the un-missable Eight Treasures to be: sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, prawn, mussel and oyster, etc.
Dalian is renowned in China for its apple harvest and produces more than 100 varieties. The cherries, peaches and grapes grown here are also popular in the northern part of China.
The shell carving artworks
There is a variety of artworks sculpted out of shells. The products included hanging paintings, screens, lamps and ornaments.
Embroidery and glasses ornament product are also popular choices.