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Zhengzhou Travel Tips
Fast Facts
Area: about 7,446 square km (almost 2,875 square miles)
Resident Population: 8.857 million
Area Code: 0371
Zip Code: 450000
City Flower: China rose
City Subbranch of Bank of China
Location: 40, Huayuan Road
Renmin Lu Branch:
Location: 16, Renmin Road, Jinshui District
Minggong Lu Branch:
Location: 21, Minggong Road, Jinshui District
Zhongyuan Road Branch:
Location: 126, Zhongyuan road, Erqi District
All of these banks offer money exchanging service.
Emergency and Useful numbers
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Traffic Accident: 122
Post Customer Center: 11185
Weather Forecast: 121
Tourist Complaint: (0371) 67181200 (0371) 67181000
Train Tickets Booking: 8356666
Taxi Complaint: 8986439
Plane Tickets Booking: 91887
The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University
Location: 1, Jianshe Donglu
Henan Provincial People's Hospital
Location: 7, Weiwu Lu
The Second People's Hospital of the city
Location: 81, Jiefang Lu
Maternal and Child Health Hospital
Location: 41, Jinshui Road
Chinese Cellular Phone Service
China Mobile
Dongfeng Road Site
Location: 2, Dongfeng Road in Jinshui District (near Yijiaren Supermarket)
Ruhe Road Site
Location: At the cross of the Ruhe Road and Gongren Road
China Unicom
Zhenghua Road Site
Location: 5, Zhenghua Road, Jinshui District (near 21 Century Square)
Huanghe Road Site
Location: 19, Huanghe Road, Jinshui District (near the costume market on Huanghe Road)
Minggong Road Church (Catholic)
Location: Minggong Road, Erqi District (near Jiefang Elementary School)
West Taikang Road Church (Christianity)
Location: West Taikang Road, Erqi District (near Zhengzhou Branch of China Film)
Events & Activities
International Shaolin Martial Art Festival
Time: Annually, usually in October
Place: Henan Sports Center
Huangdi Worship Ceremony
Time: The third day of Chinese lunar month
Place: Xinzheng City (a prefecture city of Zhengzhou)