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Yinchuan Shopping

  Here one can not only buy unique local products or souvenirs but also enjoy shopping in such an interesting place. Yinchuan will provide you with many special agricultural products and tourist craftworks.

Yinchuan is not a big city, yet there are some products here that are of local flavor. The famous 'Five Treasures': liquorice, Helan stone, sheepskin, Barbary wolfberry fruit and facai may be good choices for you. In addition, sunflowers, Chinese dates, tremellas, and folk porcelain can be bought at vendor's stands along the street. You can haggle over the price with sellers in such places.

Xinhua Department Store located in Xinhua Dongjie is the biggest shopping center in Yinchuan which provides you a variety of commodities and you can buy local products such as flannelette blankets and Helan stone carvings here.

If you want to buy some cultural souvenirs or craftwork, the Cultural Relic Main Store of Ningxia will fulfil your wishes. It has cultural relics dating from the Neolithic Age to the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. Articles of bronze and Western Xia culture as well as replicas of cliff paintings of Helan Mountain are much sought after by collectors.