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China Muslim Hotels

When Muslims travel, it is always convenient to stay at a hotel which can provide Halal food. Though China is not a Muslim country, still you can find quite a few hotels in China which offer offer various Halal cuisines. Here is a list of hotels that have Halal restaurant inside their hotel property.

Hotels in Beijing with Halal restaurants
Beijing Ningxia Hotel (4 star)
Beijing Xinjiang Hotel (3 star)
Beijing Xiyuan Hotel (5-star)

Hotels in Shanghai with Halal restaurants
Shanghai Pearl Hotel (4-star)
Shanghai Silk Road Hotel (4-star)

Hotels in Guangzhou with Halal restaurants
Guangdong Bostan Hotel (3-star)

Hotels in Shenzhen with Halal restaurants
Shenzhen Muslim Hotel (3-star)

If you have been staying at any of the hotels in China with Halal restaurant facilities, please write an email to us and we will have it uploaded. Your effort will be highly appreciated by Muslim brothers and sisters.