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Padang Indonesian Restaurant

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The Basic Information
Cuisine: Indonesian Cuisine
Add: Third Floor of Shimao Department Store, North of Worker's Stadium
Nearby Mosque: Nandouya Mosque
Payment Accepted: Cash & credit card
Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
How to Get There
By Bus:
By Subway: Line 10, Tuanjiehu Station

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  • Padang food is the most popular food in Maritime Southeast Asia and is ubiquitous in Indonesian cities and is popular in neighboring Malaysia and Singapore. Padang food is famous for its rich taste of succulent coconut milk and spicy chili. Padang cuisine demonstrates Indian and Middle Eastern influences, which is various dishes cooked in curry sauce with coconut milk, also the heavy use of spices mixture.

    The best known Padang dish is rendang, a spicy meat stew. Soto Padang (crispy beef in spicy soup) is local residents' breakfast favorite, meanwhile sate (beef satay in curry sauce served with ketupat) is a treat in the evening.

    The very first Indonesian Padang Cuisine is now available in the bustling Sanlitun area, the very heart of Beijing’s central business district. Located on the third floor of Shimao Department Store, opposite Beijing Worker’s stadium, Beijing Padang Indonesian Restaurant is very close to the embassies of many of the Islamic countries in Beijing, such as Indonesian Embassy, Brunei Embassy and Malaysian Embassy. Beijing Padang Indonesian Restaurant has specially invited many experienced, well trained Indonesian cooks from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra Province to offer you authentic Indonesian Padang cuisine here in China.

    Besides Indonesian Padang Cuisine, Beijing Padang Indonesian Restaurant also serves China’s Northwest Muslim cuisine which is very much influenced by Middle East cuisine due to the Silk Road trade. Northwest Muslim cuisine relies heavenly on lamp, beef, chicken and ducks and cooking method include deep frying, stewing, roasting.


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